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Interested in helping shape Greene County’s future?

You’ve come to the right place.

Greene County is embarking on an in-depth update to its comprehensive plan. The resulting long-term vision for growth and development will guide rezoning and land use decisions and determine related initiatives, projects, and policy changes that will be taken in the next five years.

What’s Involved in Greene 2043?

The comprehensive planning process involves five key planning phases: project initiation, existing conditions and trends analysis, visioning, policies and actions development, and documentation and finalization.


Community members will weigh in on their top priorities and help shape the vision for Greene 2043. A future land use map with supporting policy guidance will be developed as part of the plan update, giving the County the tools that it needs to guide future development in accordance with the community’s vision.

A graphic displaying the four phases of the project

Planning Timeline

The planning process began in mid-summer 2022 and will extend through early summer 2023, with anticipated adoption in June 2023.  Community members are invited to participate throughout the planning process. There are three key touch points for community involvement, shown in the timeline below.


Please visit the "Get Involved" page to learn more. Sign up for project announcements to stay in the loop about meeting dates!

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