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Map of Greene County

Why Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan sets a policy direction to ensure that current and future generations continue to enjoy a high quality of life. It provides a framework for where new land development and preservation are most suitable over the next 20 years.


Your input will help guide plan direction and recommendations!


Help us understand where you would like to see different housing options, commercial businesses, and other development types. What is most important to you as we plan for Greene in 2043?

Comprehensive Plan Basics

Georgia requires cities and counties to update their comprehensive plans every five years, including a reevaluation of needs and opportunities, a map visual showing the community’s preferences for future growth and development, and action steps to achieve community goals.

 The Plan looks at the relationships between land uses, infrastructure, such as roads and utilities, and community needs, and will serve as a foundation on how and where a community grows over time.

Community input opportunities will frame the planning process and facilitate adoption of the plan and support of priority implementation items by Greene County leadership.

Glossary of Planning Terms

  • Zoning: A regulatory tool for managing where different land uses are allowable within the County. Zoning regulations also establish how property can be used, such as restrictions on lot size, building height, parking, and more.


  • Rezoning: A process whereby a landowner applies for a change on the official County zoning map and the County Board of Commissioners either approves or denies the application through a public hearing process.


  • Future Land Use Map: A map that is developed through the comprehensive planning process to show the location-based vision of the County. It designates future land uses and communicates preferred land characteristics across the County. Once the plan is adopted, the County’s leadership uses the Future Land Use Map when making decisions on rezonings and other development matters.


  • Community Work Program (CWP): A five-year plan of discrete actions for County leadership to carry out to address the community’s top needs and opportunities. The CWP includes anticipated timeframe, costs and funding sources, and responsible parties (County department and external partners).

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Contact the Planning Team

Greene County hired the Blue Cypress Consulting team, including ROSS+Associates and Hatley Plans, to carry out the plan update. The County and its hired team will work closely with community members and County leaders to carry out the update process.


General Questions and Comments


Byron Lombard

County Manager, Greene County


Amanda Hatton

Project Manager, Blue Cypress Consulting

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